Welcome to Trinity ICT

Trinity ICT is a specialist technology provider for the education and training sectors. We know that teachers are the most important part of making an outstanding school. Technology plays its part in helping to support those teachers with the right tools to deliver engaging and inspirational lessons.

Our aim is to help schools and teachers to deliver on their objectives and achieve excellence in education. We can take a school through a full deployment process.


Trinity ICT offer a free advisory service to all education establishments and our full consultancy service is provided to allow you to build a complete ICT Strategy.We will support you through the process of identifying your objectives for the school over a period of time and how technology can play a part in delivering those objectives.


Trinity ICT have worked with a range of partners to be able to match a complete solution for our customers specific needs.Our solutions can include everything from network infrastructure and Computer labs to Interactive Whiteboards and the latest software for both backroom and classroom.

Training Support

Our training courses are designed to support both Teaching and support staff on a range of subjects including software, hardware and policy making.We have a range of packages to support the different needs and sizes of schools. Each package is tailor made to take into account the level of support that is needed.